Roon on Pipo X9 Touchscreen TV / tablet thingy

Hi guys, just received my Pipo X9 today:

Runs Windows 10 with a built-in 1920x1200 touchscreen.

For the money it makes a pretty good Roon remote connected to a couple Emotiva Airmotiv 6s active speakers.

Interesting, I’am planning to use pipo x8 as Roon Remote private zone.

How did you find the performance, you using Roon core on X9?

Performance is pretty good - especially for the price. Swiping through albums is reasonably fluid.

Its a Roon remote private zone running on Windows 10 Home. RoonServer is running on my unRAID NAS inside a Windows 10 Pro virtual machine

Same CPU on X8 vs X9 so you should be good to go.

That’s good to hear.

With you’re Roon Server, you’re running it on a NAS, am not following.

RoonServer is running under Windows as per normal (its just that install of Windows is a virtual machine that lives on my NAS) Cheers

Calling this eh… thing a tablet is kind of a stretch, I’m afraid… :wink: Interesting concept though – and dirt cheap too.

I see the X8 has a 7 inch display – that may limit its use more than CPU/RAM, I’m afraid. Current incarnations of Roon really need 8 inches minimum – if only for the touch targets to be easily accessible.

But, as usual, YMMV. Having small fingers will help.

I’ve been using a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet to run Roon Remote (Roon Server runs on another PC connected USB to Audio Alchemy DDP-1)

I got this thing new for $99 but look like the going rate now is about $245 for new and $99 for used. 8" comes with Windows 8.1 (though I upgraded to Windows 10) I wish battery life was better though. Unfortunately only one USB to Go port so cant keep it always plugged in and run to USB DAC so basically just a remote for Roon.

Would be hard for you so will lay it plain and simple. It’s got a hdmi output.