Roon on Qnap ts-251+

Hey guys,

I am new to Roon. I just set up the core on a Qnap TS-251+, which I upgraded to 8GB ram, and added a SSD.

Music is fed with no DSP, and only to my HQPlayer, on another computer (an i7 with 16GB ram and m.2 ssd drive).

The nas celeron isn’t breaking a sweat (5% top usage). But since I am not meeting the minimum specs for the server, I wonder if it would be best (sound quality wise) to move Roon to the same computer that hosts HQPlayer. To me, keeping them apart reduces the load on the HQPlayer pc, keeping more resources free and clear

Hi Jose,
Welcome to the Roon Community.
I don’t think the fact that the QNAP is below specs will affect sound quality. But at some point it could affect overall usability.
It really will not be difficult to download a copy of Roon to your i7 and find out directly. You can be the best judge of the sonic quality and whether the new load on the i7 is significant.
Generally speaking you just backup your Roon database, install Roon to the i7 and then restore Roon database to the i7 from your backup copy. You will need to deactivate the core that was running on the QNAP, but you can reactivate that core later if you prefer to keep Roon running there.

thanks. will do. the pain is that the i7 is running windows server in core mode. I will have to rely on AudiophileOptimizer to enable Roon.

I understand. I did that for a while, with AO installed and it was a bit of a pain. But if you are the type that is going to that length, you will sleep better testing it for yourself.:wink:

Pardon me for asking, but to where did you go from the windows server machine?

I went from a CAPSV3 Zuma/Windows/AO to a NUC8i7 running ROCK. I briefly had the CAPSv3 running Linux before the ROCK.
I like the simplicity of ROCK on the Nuc. Performance-wise the upgrade to the 8th generation Nuci7 was not as good as I expected. Sound-quality wise its about a wash.

I wouldn’t say I’m cynical, but my experience was that sound differences were pretty modest. I think this is due in no small part from having pretty good situations in all of these cases.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I will try Roon server on my i7 nuc this weekend, and report back.

Logic says I should experiment no difference at all. But on this hobby, where cables, isolators, ethernet switches, recordings with resolution above Nyquist, and so many other tweaks that defy logical thinking have audible impacts, I gave up reasoning, and trust my listening.

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