Roon on QNAP with VPN

I’ve been using Roon core running on a QNAP server with no issues. I’ve installed a VPN on the QNAP server using QVPN service (expressvpn) in order to access some radio channels that are no longer available in my area.

I am not able to get through.

Does anyone know what’s wrong or if this is possible? Any ideas?

Hi Cemil,

What do you mean you are not able to get through? Is roon now not working? VPNs can cause issues for Roon, try turning off the VPN service on the QNAP and see if Roon starts working again.

Roon does work. Tidal doesn’t. It’s been blocked in my location and I’ve been trying to access it through a vpn. I can do so on my laptop or normal computer, but roon core on the NAS fails to connect to Tidal

Ok, understand your issue. I am not sure that Roon will connect through the VPN to Tidal like you can force the app on your laptop. You might also ask in the Tinkering section as well.