Roon on ROCK is skipping 60+ MP3 files

Aha - so that is why Roon on ROCK is skipping 60+ MP3 files in my library that it claims are corrupt, whilst Roon on Windows 10 Pro is perfectly happy with them?

That’s the reason for the inconsistency, yes.

Usually when we investigate these, I find myself agreeing with the Linux decoder about what is/isn’t corrupt.

IIRC, the Windows decoder also accepts some non-mp3 files with an mp3 extension too. These aren’t officially in Roon’s support envelope, but there isn’t a straightforward way for us to exclude them if the “Windows MP3 Codec” accepts them.

Hi @Geoff_Coupe,

You could try using something like dBpoweramp Batch Converter to transcode MP3 to MP3.

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I just converted my “corrupt” ones to flac. Overkill for mp3s, sure, but I just wanted to them into roon and I only had about 30.

That is the best approach. There are programs which will examine and ‘fix’ your corrupt files but it is just easier to convert them (provided your converter program doesn’t gag on them too).

Another advantage to this approach is that then Roon shows the all-important purple “Lossless” signal path :rofl:

This is just a wink and a nod to that other thread discussing the the “pejorative” low quality indication. :wink:

*I know the quality is still what it was (MP3).

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What? It doesn’t say “lossless low quality”?

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