Roon on Sonos Connect Amp

Hi folks

Need some help. I have an old Sonos Connect Amp using the S1 amp. Im going to update over time but just now I need to try and work round the problem.

The amp is showing in settings and when I play the track an icon shows music playing but nothing is coming from speakers. To add more confusion the track time isn’t moving so not sure why the other icon is showing music is playing. The odd thing Is that it was working earlier but out of the blue I have came up against no sound being presented to speaker

Any thoughts what’s going on

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Have you rebooted everything from the network outward?

I have the same problem with 4 pieces of sonos 1 gear. In my case rebooting the NUC that runs roon resolves the problem, but only for a while. The problem will reappear and is again temporarily fixed by a nuc reboot. I have been asked to send a detailed report to roon, which I will get around to soon


That did fix the problem… not ideal but will see how it transpires over time