Roon on Synology Ds918+ / Firewall Settings / Bluesound Players

Hi, I am running a roon core on my Synology DS918+ and it works quite fine.
But when the firewall is acitvated roon can not find my Bluesound players:
1x Vault, 2x Powernode, everything 1.Generation of Bluesound

And even if the firewall is down, roon does not detect my Bluesound Pulse 1.Gen

Within the Bluesound-App all players are displayed and everything works fine.

Regards from Berlin - Steglitz,

Hi Rainer,
I was just wondering, were all Bluesound players, including the Pulse 1. Gen, initially detected (before the firewall had been enabled)?

Kind regards from Berlin - Friedrichshain

Hi Chris,
thank you for your reply! No, Roon, never detected the Pulse 1.Gen.
Here two actual screenshoots from my Samsung S9, when Synology firewall is OFF:

  1. Bluesound App:
  2. Roon App:

Kind regards,