Roon on Synology NAS RS1619xs+ // Performance and experience so far

Hello together,

I use now for 1 month the RoonServer on NAS. with my Synology RS1619xs+. The CPU power is better as the MAC mini 2014 I used before. In general it is integrating fine now and overall performance is indeed better.

My setup:

  • RS1619xs+ with Intel Xeon D-1527, 2GB SSD Cache
  • no additional SSD for Roon database! (tested it, but the performance was not as good as w/o!). It seems to me the NAS is providing roon everything from SSD cache anyway for reading and writing.
  • about 100000 music files to index

On the upside:

  • quicker than before
  • stable
  • with VPN roon is also accessible from outside for endpoints if external access mechanisms are activated on NAS.

On the downside:

  • indexing of large folders still need some tinkering and hacks with scheduled scripts (inotify). But it works.
  • complex DSP jobs (e.g. downsampling DSD 512 to 265 with some filter) have unsatisfying performance! Even though CPU workload is < 15% it is not up to the job. All usage key figures remain below 20%. It seems the roon server is simply not able to use the resources available. (this feature I don’t use - it was only for testing).

Many thanks to Christopher Rieke for his excellent job in providing a NAS solution!

I hope there will be regular updates and Christopher receives donations for this.


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when you say Roon is accesible from outside… Do you have by any chance an iphone?

The only reason I use @plex_plex . I used to use it for films but eventually gave up, but for music still really worth it!

…Until, of course I can start using roon :slight_smile:

I tested it with iPhone, MAC and iPad.

The Xeon is weak on single core performance, which is what roon needs 56% of a 8i3.


Thanks for the info. My i5 MacMini has similar single core performance and does it with 2x speed and the XEON with only 0,8 which is not enough obviously. As I don’t use that yet it hurts not.