Roon on Synology NAS & Sony Bravia TV

Hi all, I’m running a Roon core on my NAS and have just got a Sony Bravia TV, I understand that I should see the TV as an end point? AirPlay is setup on the TV, the TV is on the same wired network as the NAS.

  • Any suggestions?? Thanks Jason

The Sony Bravia is running AirPlay 2, and Roon cannot stream directly to AirPlay 2 devices. However, you can screenshare to the Bravia if you are running a Mac, and alternately set your MacOS System Output or iOS device to play to the Bravia, then select your Mac “System Output” or iOS device itself and Roon will play to the Bravia. I believe this is limited only to 2-track audio but not sure.

Or you could try playing via Chromecast on the TV.


Roon can only stream to legacy Airplay devices not Airplay 2 as only Mac or iOS devices can send an Airplay 2 stream. Roon is cross platform and many run it on non Mac cores so it isn’t supported. Only fully cross platform streaming options are supported. If it’s an Android TV you should be able to use Chromecast instead.

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Thanks all - The Bravia has Chromecast built in, should I be seeing that as an endpoint??

DS Audio (part of Synology core apps) running on DSM 7 can stream using AirPlay 2. Try that as part of your debugging. (AirPlay 2 devices like the Bravia should, as part of the AirPlay standard, support legacy AirPlay anyway…)

My Synology doesn’t have the 7 upgrade yet . . . just found manual upgrade, installing now

Success!!! There are two current versions of Roon for the Synology for the DS operating system versions 6 and 7.

My NAS was noT automatically picking up the Synology DS OS updates and I was still running the old 6 OS, I’ve manually upgraded my Synology OS to version 7 and clean installed the version 7 of the Roon core and I see “Bravia 4k VH2 via Chromecast streaming” yay!!! :grinning: :+1: Thanks all


I agree but my Bravia TV is AirPlay 2 and my TV only shows up in Roon via Chromecast yet with apps on my iPhone I have the choice of my TV’s AirPlay or CC. Both my Apple TV and AVR show up in Roon via AirPlay and both devices are AirPlay 2. These TVs are Android based, maybe it has something to do with it?

You sure about that sending via Airpay 2 is only supported from iOS or Mac OS client sender’s e.g. apps on iPhone iPad or a Mac. It will be using legacy Airplay to an Airplay 2 device. Reading the specs that’s what it says. There is no code for other operating systems and it’s not been fully revered engineered in the open source world yet.

That’s how I use Roon to cast to my LG TV, using the System Output of my Mac or iPhone/iPad which is connected via AirPlay to the TV. Works fine, appreciate the guidance @CrystalGipsy.

I’m sure.

That doesn’t say that at all. They had issues airplaying to Airplay 2 compatible devices this fixes that. It doesnt say anything about it using Airplay 2 for the streams. All Airplay2 devices should be backwards compatible. Airplay 2 is locked to Apple hardware to send until the open source community gets it to work. I would be surprised if Synology have done it themselves. One way to check is if you can use it play to a speaker group setup from Apples home. If you can then It is using Airplay 2 and they are ahead of the pack. If not then its just legacy Airplay.

It was reverse engineered three years ago. AirPlay 2 cracked, for multiroom play to non-supported speakers - 9to5Mac

Nope it wasn’t. It’s still.wip and currently only works as a receiver not a sender. They will get there at some point it’s just not there yet.

The OpenAirplay project has an AirPlay 2 sender: GitHub - openairplay/ap2-sender: AirPlay 2 Sender

I would like to stop this, especially as the OP has his issue solved. Thank you.