Roon on the iPad Pro does not work using display zoom

when using display zoom on the iPad Pro (Settings->Display & Brightness->View), the roon app does not work.
the app appears only in the lower left of the screen. the rest of the iPad screen is unused (black). so the screen seems broken!
and it is also not usable. for example playing an album does not work…

since the zoom view for the iPad pro is quite important, this issues seems urgent for a fix!

Thanks for the report @MySound!

We’ll take a look at this soon, but keep in mind the iPad Pro was released 8 days ago, and in the past, it’s taken us up to 2 weeks to get through the App Store submission process. Even if we waited in line outside the Apple Store on Day 1, went home, found this issue, fixed it, and immediately submitted a new release to Apple, it’s still unlikely this would be fixed today :cry:

This isn’t to say we won’t look at it – we absolutely will, but I’m just making sure it’s clear that iOS fixes will always lag behind the other platforms due to Apple’s “walled garden” approach to the App Store.

Hi mike,

Sure I understand that it takes some time to go through the apple approval process.

display zoom still does not work in build 88.

i was hoping, that with the latest (approved build 88) roon app version would be added the fix for the display zoom.
so unfortunately i cannot use the iPad pro with roon.

maybe its integrated in the upcoming (for iOS) build 94?

Sounds like it was fixed in Build 88

no it was not.

the standard view works.
the zoom view (can be set at: Settings->Display & Brightness->View) does not.

maybe a guy from roon can answer this?

In Build 88, we tweaked our scaling to take full advantage of the iPad Pro’s resolution, but I don’t think we’ve done any testing with “Display Zoom” turned on.

Can you let me know what’s going wrong? Do you run with Display Zoom turned on by default? We’ll look into this, but I don’t have an iPad Pro handy to know why you would or would not want to run this way.

Hi mike,

its described in my initial post.

Once you set the zoom view, it says that way, until you turn it off.
It’s generally a convinient way of having a larger presentation (text, icons etc).
It affects the app icon presentation, the standard ios apps (safari etc) themselves and the other apps (if they can handle it).
I think the zoom view is an important feature on the iPad Pro and the apps should be able to support it.

Thanks, and yes – we can reproduce. Looking into it. Thanks for the report @MySound.

Hi all
I bought an iPad Pro so as to have an iPad capable of running the remote App… although we have no less than 3 older generation iPads looking for work…

I was wondering why the display zoom was usefull, until I spotted my spouse trying to use the remote app without her reading glasses… now I fully agree that the remote app needs to be able to run in zoom mode as well.

Sorry for the delay, Display Zoom won’t screw up the display for the next build.

looking forward to it.