Roon on the road, traveling with Roon

Does anybody have any thoughts about how to set up Roon to use on the road, but using only one license?

My current set up involves the following:
Travel Kit is a 2012 Macbook Air i7 with 16gb RAM and 1tb SSD with a 350gb music folder. I am running Roon as the Core on this unit, with two profiles, one looking at the laptop SSD and the other looking at a Synolgy 412+ NAS that has a music folder synced to the laptop.
Home set up is a NUC-1 fanless set up USB into a Electrocompaniet Integraded Amp or Oppo HA-1 headphone amp. NUC-1 is linked to NAS. Roon is installed on the NUC-1 as Remote.

To use at home, I turn on laptop and roon and choose the Network profile and connect via ethernet to home network. I run the NUC-1 as remote, which drives either of the amps.

The set up works and the sound is good, but it is a pain to have to remember to start up and connect the laptop each time.

Does anyone have a better idea? I am sure that there are different ways to skin this cat…



I have a large portion of my music also on my laptop. What I plan to do and tried it this weekend was to unauthorize the core server and convert my laptop from remote to the core. This allows Roon then to manage the music on the laptop. For a DAC, I plan to use my LH Labs Geek Out.

I found myself in India this past week, wishing I could access my Roon server at home - surely access from a remote to a server over the Internet is on the roadmap somewhere?

@jhwalker Check this thread out.

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