Roon on two different MACs - crazy behaviour

Roon Core Machine

MAC OS Monterey 12.6
CPU = M1, RAM = 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet only

Connected Audio Devices

USB only with different Endpoints.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I have two Roon installations on MAC machines in parallel (not talking about the Core!). One is on M1 another on i9 architecture. It is impossible to run those in parallel. Starting the 2nd machine - both machines roon begins to loose connection to the core. Reestablish connection to core, loosing it again, reestablish it… and so on. It seems the core sees those two machines as only one!? The machines are named differently of course and have their own IP adress (of course). Any hints where to start searching for the issue?

You can’t move Roon from one Mac to another using migrate.

You will need to wait for support on Monday day to help you out with some instructions. I e sent a ping about it to support.

I did not move anything. It is not about the Core.

Well, I did not mention the Core. I asked if you used a migration tool or restored a backup of one Mac PC to the other.

Just to be clear, did you installed Roon on both mac’s individually using the install program?

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