Roon on vortexbox cannot connect

Hi folks, I have installed roon on a new vortexbox build. Its installed and I can get to the interface and I choose the library to scan, then logged into tidal then skipped audio devices, but then it immediately disconnects saying trying to reconnect.

I cannot get any further than this despite a number of restarts.

Any ideas?

If I choose to use a different core, it shows the vortexbox as initialising. I note at this stage I cannot get to the vortexbox interface either so its obviously crashed.

I reinstalled vortexbox and roon and its a bit better but the vortex interface has flaked out with roon still running.

Such a shame, all this effort just to be able to rip CDs.

What is a the hardware spec for your Vortex box … roon has some high demands and your hardware might be well below what is needed

Hi there, its essentially a custom nuc, I was running roon rock on it just fine.

However I have a different suspicion, The connected usb drive is in an cheapish enclosure from amazon. I did some tests with it connected to my pc and it keeps flaking out the connection.

I have purchased another ‘proper’ seagate external drive and will see how that goes. However I have 4tb of music to transfer first!

I run roon core on a home built vortexbox. In fact I’ve put together several different units of varying specification some fanless, some with optical or coax spdif outputs which I prefer to using usb. They have all worked very well for both vortexbox and roon. To me this is good combination giving the utility of vortexbox with Fedora updates, music backup and cd ripping together with the Roon interface. Even quite old hardware is capable of running vortexbox and roon although dsp and resampling will obviously need better hardware.
The problems described sound like connectivity issues, either network or as has been suggested usb drive. With wired ethernet and internal sata drives I’ve not had similar problems.
I did find a minor issue if using usb direct to a dac, it was not possible to have this configured in both vortexbox and roon simultaneously (configured and used in either one or the other was fine). This is not a problem if using networked endpoints or spdif.

Yes I wanted it mostly to rip CDs and I liked the look of the music anywhere thing, two elements roon does not have.

Today I tried a different way. I have another custom built pc with room inside for 4 drives. However this is apparently ‘too new’ and vortexbox cannot install on it, as the pc does not have legacy boot.

I swear, there is a divine intervention preventing the perfect home audio solution, it just does not exist.

You may well be able to enable legacy boot in the bios settings ?

Nope, its a newer NUC they do not support legacy.