Roon on VPN - Success

Hi to everybody.
I’ve a Roon core installation on Mac Mini El Capitain. I’ve setup L2TP VPN server (OS X server add-on).
With my macbook pro retina from work with vpn client access to home i can stream Roon without any problem!
Tonight i will try with a Windows 10 tablet.
Thanks RoonLabs!!!



That’s great Vincenzo !

What kind of upload from home and download at the office do you have ?

Hi Andrew.
At home 100/20 Mbit. At work 30/3 Mbit (Vodafone Italy).
Perfect streaming even on HD (24/192).


I would like to do the same. I’m running Roon Core on Windows 10. Is it possible to enable a remote Squeezebox end point? When I was running Squeezebox/LMS, I’ve just had open a few ports on the router and firewall to make this work. Not sure if/how it could be done with Roon.

I think you have to establish a VPN tunnel from core to endpoint. All the devices have to be in the same subnet.


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Right… so that sounds like a no-go. I know how to do this from a remote computer using VPN, but haven’t a clue if/how it would be done from a remote endpoint such as a Squeezebox or any of the new RAAT devices such as the Sonicorbiter SE just released. But I would love to find a relatively low-cost endpoint that could be used remotely.

Just to be clear, are you using the OSX Server App from the app store, or the L2TP over iPSec service in Network Preferences?

Server app on mac mini (OSX Server for El Captain).
L2TP over IPSec on Macbook Pro and iPad air 2.


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Hello! Is it work today?


I did the above, with out a certified domain name, using iPeng and Roon Remote. It worked for a period of time and then just stopped. So, I tabled this project.

I recommend ZeroTier, remarkable software

I’ll give it a shot. Thank you.