Roon on Win 10 without "ready roon"

Many many themes about win 10, but even I have a question:
Without any “roon ready”, like bluesound node etc, but only with win 10 on pc,can I use the “roon core” from pc direct to a dac ? I ’ ve Naim dac v1. Simply question to helping a simply user :wink:

Yes Roon should work fine. All you would need to do is connect your pc to your V1 with a USB cable, and install the custom Windows drivers which are on the naim website.

Thanks for your answerr.
When open the “roon”, it search for devices “room ready”, and if not find something, then stop. What is the next step to send on dac?

Do you have the naim and the pc connected with a USB cable and the naim switched on?

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… and have you installed the naim Windows drivers?

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Yes of course: use it with foobar2000

So share a screenshot of roon, settings, audio.

OK, afternoon later when I’ ll go to home. Thanks

If the DAC is plugged directly into the PC that is running the Roon Core, then the DAC will be listed under the THIS PC section at the top, NOT under Roon Ready. Now, depending on the DAC, you might not get NAIM, but, instead it might give you the USB driver.

Everything is OK. Thanks

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