Roon on Windows 10 Not Keeping Images - My Solution

A few days ago my installation of Roon on a Windows 10 machine suddenly lost the images it had and was extremely slow to retrieve them from my NUC ROCK again. On top of that the same thing occurred every time I restarted the program.

After a while I managed to track down Roon’s log files and noticed a lot of OpenGL errors. A little more searching on the boards here and in the help docs and I notice that Roon requires OpenGL 3 to show images. Since Roon/Remote was working on several other devices, it was clear that this particular PC was at fault. I looked at the Device Manager and found nothing wrong. I did notice, however, that the computer was using built in Intel graphics. So, I went to the Intel site, installed the Driver & Support Assistant and noticed that there was an update available for the graphics…

And that solved it!

Roon doesn’t work with images the same way that a web page might. Instead it appears to treat them as textures in the same way a video game would. So, my guess is it was having an issue with retrieving images and caching them locally because it didn’t have the drivers to do so.

I’m hoping this will help anyone having this problem as I’ve noticed a few folks mention the issue.


Yes, this is a mandatory step for those who use Roon on Intel GPU. There have been countless problems with it here.