Roon on Windows 11 (Beta)

The signal path is completely displayed on Rock, e.g. MQA full decoder which was not displayed on the Win 11 computer with the same setup.

Sorry, but you are mistaken and spreading misinformation.
There is no difference in MQA handling between different Roon Core environments.
(I run them all, except for distro based Linux-versions)
Signal path from Win11 Roon Server:

Signal path from QNAP based Roon Server:

Signal path from Roon OS based Roon Server:

@dilGEET I run a dedicated Roon Server (no GUI usually) on a headless Win 11 and see absolutely no issues. It’s fast, lean and effective and sounds as usual, great!


That is a matter of drivers and setup. ROCK might make that easier but it should still work in Windows. :slight_smile:

This is not the case with me. I only get the complete signal path from Rock. Not under Win11. DAC is a Zendac V2. It doesn’t matter to me personally because Rock is perfect on my Nuc now. And no, I’m not spreading any misinformation, that’s the way it is with me. Otherwise I wouldn’t write it.

I do not think so.
Don’t you have the impression that Windows 11 in its “bowels” is not much different from Windows 10?
That 11 is basically a facelift?

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Yes, I also think it’s a facelift. You don’t need it.

I was running it on Windows 11 beta for a while with no problems you should be fine :smiley:

If you run the DAC directly conneted to the Core over USB you may see differnt results, but you are still spreading misinformation since this has got nuttin’ to do with the Core part…
Your DAC may not report back the correct capabilities under Win11 but thats besides the point… :upside_down_face:

Sorry for pointing at you, no personal insult intended. It’s just important to be clear and fact based when posting “answers” to generic questions.

And to be fair, no one of us can say that a Windows 11 based server will work in every situation. But it doesn’t make sense to say it doesn’t work either…

Anyway, the signal path playing MQA over USB from a headless Win11 based Roon Server:

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That I spread misinformation sounds very hard I find. I am only repeating my experience and what I could see in myself. Whether that’s good or bad, or right or wrong, I don’t know. I just try to help shape something that might be positive.

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Appreciated! :slight_smile: Sorry about the somewhat rough choice of words on my part!


It’s all OK. We’re just trying to share our common hobby with others as best we can. :smiley:


I’d you are going to run 11 I would suggest decrypting your drive, if the upgrade encrypted it. It did for both times I have updated a machine to 11.

How stable is Roon in Windows 11?

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Hi @Ryan_Herrera,
Have a read of this topic, there is a lot of information from Roon users that are trailing Windows 11.
If you have further specific questions can you post them in this topic rather creating a new one, so we keep all the discussion in one place.

From a Roon’s perspective @dylan post this …

Many thanks,