Roon on Windows 8.1 : Library has disappeared

All has been working well up to now & I’ve changed nothing at all…

Started my (core) PC this morning & Roon starts up ok, but my library is completely missing - no Albums / Artists / Tracks etc. Tidal has connected & shows New Albums / Top Albums.

Roon was running fine for hours yesterday, then I simply closed-it-down manually & then I shut-down my PC last night, and powered-it-up (late) this morning. Nothing different to what I do every day.

Removing & re-adding my watched (network) folders forced a re-scan & then everything was back.
Closing Roon + shutting-down the PC, and then restarting has resulted in the same problem.

I’ve now repeated this 3 times, with the same result - my library seems to simply disappear after I shut-down Roon and re-boot my PC.

See attached screenshot for storage settings.

Changed the NAS watched-folder to a “mounted” drive path & re-scanning + library building starts immediately. Not sure if it stays after a re-boot : that’s something I’ll have to check.

Change the path to \\media\audio\FLAC_Library & it all disappears again (after a reboot).

Have just closed all applications, ripped a new CD to my NAS, re-booted my PC, re-started Roon (with the watched folder connected as a network path) to find an empty library. Roon starts scanning & imports14 files, and shows the new CD in the library, but none of the other 29,000 files. After a re-boot & restarting Roon, the library’s empty again - and the (newest) 14 files have also disappeared.

It seems that a scan, when connected as a network path, doesn’t update the library, but a mounted path does.
Permissions ? Network settings ? And I’ve changed nothing at all - everything was working perfectly (for weeks now) with network paths.

What is going on ?!

I had a similar problem (twice) on a Mac Mini (there has been a discussion elsewhere on this site about the problem you describe). After lots and lots of troubleshooting, the solution was to uninstall and reinstall Roon. You will lose all the edits you did (e.g., added covers, metadata). Luckily, I haven’t had this problem in the last two weeks. Good luck!

Hey @rolski – sorry for the trouble here. I’ll be in touch via PM and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

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