Roon on Windows Based PC with Intel M Processor?

Will Roon run well on a Windows PC using the new Intel M processors such as a ASUS Zenbook UX305FA?

I’m trying to decide what the best route is for running Roon with strong performance for today and the future since the investment in the software is significant. I have it narrowed down between adding an external SSD drive to my current desktop PC for Roon and using the Google Nexus 9 tablet as a remote or using one of the new Intel M based laptops (one of the benefits is that they are fanless) as mostly a dedicated Roon appliance.

The 5Y71 variation of the CPU is superior to the 5Y10, but both should be OK. Not great, but OK. This is their low power, and lower performance line of CPUs. I’d prefer it over an Atom chip, but its not Core chip. That said, it is fanless…

Without trying this, I couldn’t tell you exactly … sorry! The GPU is good though.