Roon only imports 2 of 7 tracks from new album

I downloaded and have loaded in both iTunes and JRiver Media Center an album from Bowers & Wilkins (John Metcalfe, “Kites and Echoes: The Vinyl Experience”); however, Roon only recognizes 2 of the tracks (1 and 7).

JRiver is usually pretty sensitive about “corrupt” files, and it loads all of the tracks just fine, but in Roon, only tracks 1 and 7 are displayed at all :confused:

How can I troubleshoot the problem and / or get these tracks to display in Roon?

Hey @jhwalker – I’d like to take a look at one or two of the files, so we can understand the issue.

Can you send me a PM with a link to one of the files that aren’t importing and we’ll take a look? If you need somewhere to upload the file, just let me know.


Done - thanks for taking a look!

I’m having a similar problem with an album where roon only imports tracks 5-13 (cafe del mar volume 5).

Hey @extracampine – we’ve found one or two issues that are causing certain files to not be imported right now. We’re working on a fix and hope to get it out soon, at which point these files should just show up.

Of course, that assumes that your files are failing to import for the same reason – I can confirm this if you want to pass me a file or two via PM. Just PM me a link if you can upload to dropbox or similar, but I think you have access to our file uploader as well, right?

Just let me know where to grab it, and I’ll make sure it’s analyzed as we fix this issue. Thanks!

Thanks Mike, I have just sent you 2 tracks from one of the albums where some of the track’s don’t import (cafe del mar, volumen cinco). These 2 are an example of ones which don’t import. Let me know how you get on!

Got them – thanks @extracampine. Hopefully we can get this addressed for our next release.