Roon only outputs in Exclusive Mode

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 64-bit, Threadripper 3960x, 128GB RAM, RTX 3090

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus AX6000, Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

HDMI from 3090 into a Denon X4500. Denon into Atmos setup but just looking for 2.1 playback.

Number of Tracks in Library

None, Streaming Qobuz

Description Of Issue

Just trying a 14 day trial to see if Roon works with my setup/listening. Love the interface but I can’t get audio output to work on my system unless it’s in exclusive mode which is not ideal. Is this working as intended?

Streaming through Qobuz - that app works great but no sound out of Roon, it just skips every track one after the other.

Thank you!

Anyone? My alternative has been using preouts on my denon AVR into an RCA mixer - and adding a Bluesound node to the mixer as well. Then sending those channels to a Schiit Aegir. It’s not ideal, get a lot of noise from the mixer but it works ok. Any other solutions I should try?
Have tried reinstalling Nvidia drivers, removing realtek drivers, and every combination of settings in the roon device options.

Hey @Alec_Schwandt,

Thanks so much for following up on your initial post, and sorry about the delay.

Could you please share a screenshot of the Device Setup (you can find it in Settings → Audio by clicking on the gear icon :gear: next to the device)?

Also, what Windows driver are you using: WASAPI or ASIO? If you try the other driver (that you’re not using) is there any change?

Well I’m not sure what I changed but it is working now, uninstalled/reinstalled GPU drivers, upgraded to Windows 11, tried different HDMI, tried every combination of device settings in Roon and it worked today! Honestly have no idea what changed but as of now it’s working.

A question as to my interim setup, as mentioned I have a Bluesound node and my PC both connected with RCA to a mixer, then to my amp. I need both sources at the same time so a preamp won’t work. Would I lose any quality doing this? Or would I be better off using the Nvidia audio now that that works?

Hey @Alec_Schwandt,

That’s great to hear — thank for keeping us posted.

Since you’ve been experiencing getting noise from the mixer, it would be a great time to experiment. And ultimately, after trying it out, decide to move forward with what you feels sounds best :headphones:

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