Roon only plays on one speaker

Roon Core Machine

Mt Roon is installed in a dedicated Mac Mini M1
It has 8GB RAM
The OS is Mac Ventura

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My system is on Wifi

Connected Audio Devices

My Mac Mini is connected via USB cable to my Cambridge Audio DAC which in turn is connected to my PLINIUS AMPLIFIER.

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Only the right speaker works with Roon.
When I use my steroe system with other music inputs e.g. vinyl, Aurender, both speakers work.

Check the RCA cables from the DAC to your amplifier (swap L and R to test.)

Do you also have another USB cable to try between the Mac and your DAC?

That’s not how usb audio works. It doesn’t understand “left and right”

Sounds like a broken input on the amp, or a dodgy interconnect to me

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Anything is worth a try with something as odd as this but yes very unlikely to be the USB cable.
Martin had already suggested the RCA cables.
I guess it could also be a bad input on the Plinius amp itself.
So could try swapping the input over to one of the ones he knows works.
I would be very certain it’s nothing to do with Roon :grin:

I will certainly try all your suggestions. Thanks.
The funny thing is it happened only recently.
I have been using the system for years.
I don’t know, but maybe it happened when I upgraded to Ventura.
Thank you. Will report back.

On older amps, a dry solder joint where the internals of the rca socket meet the PcB can often mean poor contact.

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The Mac Mini M1 has no other audio port compatible with the Cambridge Audio DAC. The CA DAC has no HDMI input.

It wont be a digital issue. It’s either the analogue outputs of the dac, the cable, or your amps inputs.

Digital audio transmission cannot lose one channel.


First test…swap the analog outputs from the DAC to another analog input on the plinius that you KNOW works in both channels.

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Hey @gaadelgado,

Following up on this thread, are you still running into issues with audio only playing out of one speaker? Does this happen with audio played outside of Roon?

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