Roon only recognizes 1 track in a compilation file

In several folders of compilations on my Windows 10 HD, Roon only recognizes 1 track. I have tried rescanning, renaming the folder and re-installing it in Roon, to no avail. Roon will still only recognize the same track. Anyway to solve this problem? I am a beginner but everythin else is working perfectly for me including several thousan tracks in other files. Thanks in advance!

Are you seeing only 1 track in the album, or are all tracks there but only 1 identified.

I f you see only 1 track in the album, there is a good chance Roon made a number of extra albums with limited number of tracks (often only 1).
You can try to check this by searching for the individual tracktitles.
If you find albums like these, you can then merge them to gether by selecting them and click on Edit, choose Merge albums

Hope this helps

Alternatively, in the Album browser, sort by “Date Added” - any albums with single or a few tracks will be listed at the top of the list (if you’ve just added them), and easy to select and merge.