Roon only scanning 2199 tracks and stopping

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10
Roon 1.7
I am running this software on my main PC

I had not used roon in some time, but logged on today.
I updated the software to 1.7, and then asked it to scan my database (music folder, nothing fancy).
However, it would not detect new music.
I have over 2199 tracks in my music folder, however roon stops importing music tracks once it reaches 2199.
I did look at the new files and changed them so they would not have any special characters, but it would not budge past 2199. the number of tracks in the Music folder is around 2500.

I then uninstalled roon, and then reinstalled it.

Here is the strange part that hopefully will shine light on what is happening.
When I re-installed roon, it scanned my library and again stopped at 2199 tracks imported.
However, this number of tracks contains different music than before my re-install.
That is how i know it is not a “problem” with the new music files, because some of the new music showed up on this scan! (I am assuming it imported slightly different music because my music is listed alphabetically but of course i did not buy music alphabetically, lol).

I am able to disable the “music folder” and manually import 1 folder of music at a time.
However, if i move all of my music to a different location on my hard drive, and thus create a new folder, called “test 1”, it will only import 2199 files (even though 2500 files are in there)

So, the issue is:
My roon will not import more than 2199 tracks.
The new tracks are fine (no issue with the individual file), because I can import any 1 album and it will work fine.

This problem sucks, and i can’t even fathom why it is happening. And of course, i bought a lifetime subscription to the software.

Thank you in advance for any help.

My System:
Windows 10 Build 183262
Intel i5-6600k
16 GB ram
900 GB SSD

Ugh, nevermind.
I think i found some errors that maybe i can fix this problem.
The problem is that it is not importing any files that are in a “zip folder”
So doing drag and drop and deleting the zip folders may help

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