Roon only sees my ultraRendu intermittently

I have written about this before. I have Roon running on a NEW Windows 10 PC that I purchased because Roon wouldn’t connect to my ultraRendu unless I reboot everything twice. This is the same problem that I had before. $3000 and a new computer later, I STILL have the same connection problem. This was not a problem with my old computer several updates ago. It became a problem with my old computer subsequent to the updates and now it has migrated to my new one. I am using a QNAP NAS for my music files connected over Ethernet. I am running a six core AMD processor with 32 GB of ram and Windows 10.

I think my commitment to Roon is clear, putting up with these problems and even buying a NEW computer to address them. I am at my end and just want to get everyrthing to work the way it did earlier last year.

This whole thing just happened again within the last 5 minutes.

My computer sees the UltraRendu on the network. IT’s just Roon that doesn’t.

Also, sometimes when it DOES connect, Roon jumps through all the tracks without playing any of them. I have to reboot my Directstream DAC to correct this problem although it does not always clear the problem.

Hello @Louis_Berkman,

Can you provide me some details about your network setup? Information such as the model of your router, if you are using any hubs/switches/network extenders, and the overall topology of your network would be helpful in diagnosing and troubleshooting your issue.


I am using a TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch | Ethernet Splitter | Sturdy Metal w/ Shielded Ports | Plug-and-Play | Traffic Optimization | Unmanaged (TL-SG108) switch. The router is the one supplied by ATT Uverse. I am not certain of the overall topology, I just connected everything ethernet and it all worked. Every device I have connected to the switch is functioning normally.

Hello @Louis_Berkman,

I’m trying to understand more about your network. Are all of the devices plugged into the same switch? Or are some plugged into the router and some plugged into the switch?

Do you have multiple network interfaces enabled on your computer? Meaning, do you have WiFi enabled along with having the computer plugged in via ethernet? If so, I would try disabling the WiFi connection.