Roon only shows 30 Tidal Favorite Tracks

I have about 1,800 tracks starred in Tidal, but only 30 of them show up in Roon.

Initially when I noticed this, the 31st track was shown as “unavailable.” The list Roon displays is apparently unsortable, but I sorted my Tidal track list by title, and it looked to be the same. I un-starred the 31st track in Tidal, and refreshed Tidal in Roon. Still only 30 tracks show up, sorted slightly differently, and no 31st “unavailable” track appears.

What to do now, @support?

Update: #31 “Unavailable” is showing up again. Also, resorting the Tidal list (after un-starring the former 31st track) shows a different sort. (Titles with apostrophes and other punctuation sort first now in Tidal and Roon).

In other news, when #31 “Unavailable” shows up, tracks cannot be played from the list. Play buttons don’t respond.

Hi Andy,

The Tidal Browser is fairly limited for what you want to do.

A better solution would be to go into the Tracks Browser. Then click Focus > Format > Tidal. This will display all your Tidal tracks.

You can sort from there. You can also Bookmark the Focus.

Let us know if you see the Unavailable issue in the Tracks Browser.

Cheers, Greg

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