Roon onto new laptop?

I’m purchasing a new Macbook Pro to upgrade on my 4 year old one that I just sold. I control Roon from it.

I’ll download Roon onto it once it arrives but I don’t know my activation key or whatever’s needed anymore (I saved that email but it doesn’t have a activation key in it.

Title of email is: Your Roon Music LLC receipt [removed by mod]

My email: [removed by mod]

Last 4 digits of CC used: [removed by mod]

What info will I need to activate the software and could you email it to me if I don’t have?

No activation key, its all done by your account, just login with email and password

Hello @Greg_Johnson2, as Mike said, you’ll want to log into Roon using your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can try seeing if your browser remembers it or you can reset it here. Let us know if you have further issues getting into Roon, we’re happy to assist!

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