Roon Optimized Core Kit, NuC NUC6i3SYK very slow respons

Hi All,

Since the latest update my Roon Optimized Core Kit, NuC NUC6i3SYK lost its responsiveness.
It now sometimes loads very long also cannot find an artist radio. When clicking an album it takes some time more than 10 seconds to load.

Roon stops a lot as well when playing the radio of an artist.

Does anyone else have these issues?

Am playing with a Moon 280D.

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No issues here. have you tried restarting server, rebooting nuc, network, etc?

Hi, yes I have restarted the server. Actually, it is turned off every night around 00:00 and turned on around 9:00 am again

Not sure how you reset a network. But it was reset because I had to add an IFI power adapter to my modem.

Roon stops playing as well after an album is played. It used to switch to the radio option for that artist. Hmm could be just me.

Reverse any changes you have made. If necessary simplify your network to exclude it as a possible cause.

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