Roon Optimized Core Kit (previously reported as Roon OS)

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated. You’re right, there’s nothing wrong with my current setup. As the NUC is solely dedicated to Roon however, it would be nice to have the OS as lean & maintence free as possible.

I think I actually do have a spare gigabit switch laying around somewhere, so I can certainly give that a try. Not quite sure how the IP addressing would work though (in the absence of a DHCP server). Will ROCK allow me to set a static IP address on the LAN interface?

Congratulations on a fantastic product BTW. Very much looking forward to all the 1.3 goodness!

You could either re purpose an old router and use it’s DHCP server, or add a two or more port bridge (often sold as gaming adapters or wireless range extenders) and add internet connectivity. Often routers can be configured to work as bridges.


My accountabt and I both wish I could take some credit for Roon, but I’m just a volunteer moderator user (full price life member). It’s the devs vision and a mighty fine one it is.

ROCK has no access points open to users. You won’t be able to SSH in. It will update as required automagically.

So not sure where the LAN interface you refer to is. If on a physical switch or a bridge, dont see why not. If running on the NUC, no because no LAN interface is accessible under ROCK.

UPDATE: I’ve moved the contents of this post to a KB article that i plan to keep up to date:

What else do you want to know? Ask questions, I’ll update this list, and delete your question


Thank you @danny . This is the exact type of post we need as delays occur so we have an idea as to how to plan.

Press on.

Thank you, I now feel confident in buying a Nuc.

see my note at the end of the page… you might want to wait… we will give you notice so you have time to buy hardware before we release, and we have a surprise for you that may (or may not) be interesting…

Darn it! What can the surprise be? I already bought a NUC in anticipation of ROCK…

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if I order before midnight it will be delivered tomorrow at 9.00/10.00 am. There’s a huge pile of NUCs :wink:

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Hi, a very stupid question… where I can download Roon Optimized Core Img ?
tnks so much

Not available yet, soon.


Dare I ask about a release date? I know it’s only been 16 days but that feels like a lifetime when waiting for something as exciting as this !

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You can ask but the only answer you will get is it will be released when it is released.

Perhaps a brief update of status will be greatly appreciated by many of us since this topic had been mostly silent after the hint of a “surprise”.
Some had been waiting a bit more than 16 days :slight_smile:

I just hope ROCK doesn’t end up following the same development pattern as the 2nd generation Honda (Acura) NSX. … announced in 2007, on sale in 2016.

Well seeing as you won’t be asked to pay for Rock, that is unlikely. Remember this will be a gift horse…

Can’t agree there. We have paid for the horse. We are just waiting for delivery!

You did NOT buy Rock, you bought Roon.

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The two are not exclusive. If my money has been used to develop ROCK then I have paid for it. That doesn’t mean I’ll feel short changed if ROCK isn’t delivered but I do feel an entitlement to it as its benefits to both myself and Roon have been discussed at length.

The more you keep on moaning about this the less Roon will say about any future plans for snything.

And Danny adressed the cost issue in this thread. If you keep arguing you have already paid for ROCK then he is going to change his mind and start charging for it.

Do you not think that your iPhone dollars paid for the development of the iwatch? Does that entitle you to a free i watch? Isn’t that what companies do, put profits from one product to develop others? Does that entitle you to them all? I guess you are only thinking it does because a Roon is not charging for it. How ironic.