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I migrated from laptop running Roon Core to Roon Optimized Core Kit (similar to Nucleus +) Intel I7 16G Ram 256M SSU for Rock, 2T SSD for music. I can play my music stored on internal storage, but the Roon admin screen says the drive is unavailable. How do I fix this?

The internal storage in the NUC is added automatically, that’s the first entry in the storage list, “Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage”. There is no need to / you can’t add individual folders on the internal storage. This is mine:

From the help page:

The “Add Folder” button is for adding external USB and network storage. Again from the help:

How did you manage to add these entries pointing to the internal storage? When I click the add button, all I am offered are attached USB drives and network shares:

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I didn’t… I used the drag and drop to move my 3 music folders to the Nucleus internal storage. This showed up after I did that, but I can’t access them. All the music is there, and I can play them, just can’t figure out how to view the music folder?

It’s a bit weird and I don’t get it how/why they were added. When you click the three dot menu for these additional “Daddy’s music”, etc., storage locations, is there an option to remove them?

How did you do this?

ROCK exports the internal storage as a network share that you can access from another computer. Like

Method #2: Importing To Network Folder

here in the help:

@Anthony_Lombardo are we sure that these 3 locations are pointing to the 2 TB SSD internal storage and not to the 256 GB SSD where Rock is installed? Not sure how that could have happened, just wondering if that might be the case

No idea… I was just able to access the internal drive from a laptop, and I can see all the imported files from my laptop. The music is all there. These entries must be bogus, and sent me down a rabbit hole

It looks like a possible bug to me that they got auto added, to the best if my knowledge that shouldn’t happen. Let’s see what Roon Support has to say …

When I tap + Folder, I don’t see anything but + Network Share, is that normal?

If you have no USB drive attached to the NUC and no NAS on the network from which you added a share as storage, then yes it’s normal. I just have the two entries for these things (I once had a network share on the NAS mounted by ROCK)

Thanks for all your help… Rock is a bit different than core on a laptop

You’re welcome. It is :slight_smile:

Did you restore a backup taken when your Core was on the laptop, and did you have Watched Folders set up for these folders on your laptop?

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I did restore a backup, but I did not have watched folders

Interesting anomalies, I had 1 large folder with the vast majority of my albums. These albums are now broken up into 7 different folders. Does not seem to matter because I can play them all. Also a couple of compilation CD’s got broken up to 1 song per album so 10 different album entries with the same name but 1 song each. Wierd.

But when you had your Core on the laptop, you must have had at least one Watched Folder by default? This would have been your Music folder in Windows or MacOS…

It’s really curious where these very explicitly-named Watched Folders have originated from?

Hmmm, I guess, but don’t really remember now. Not sure I can go back and look since that roon core is now disabled/unauthorized. I deleted one of the paths, and I can still play the songs, so the path’s must be bogus

Definitely the whole internal storage is covered by this location

and the rest is unnecessary, it’s just weird where it came from

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I’m thinking they came from a restore of the previous backup.

The back will save the paths to storage locations. If the locations are not available when the restore is made, the paths are still listed… if the music still resided in the same folders but the share location changed you could edit the location and point the server to the new location and it would use the existing track analysis data from the restore.

If you moved the files to a completely different folder structure, I believe the server has to/does a new analysis of the files as it sees them as new files rather than relocated files.

So I would think, moving to the rock external storage drive is definitely a restructure of the folders and files.

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Thanks… Sounds logical… I just deleted them. Everything working perfectly. Very happy I got off Roon Core on my old Windows Laptop.


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