Roon or Roon Server which to choose

Hi all.
After my trial period and purchasing a license do I have to choose from Roon or Roon Server, right?
I ask this because now I will choose Roon Server but in 6 month time in another room setup I think Roon will be more suitable for my needs. Or can have both?
Thank you.
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Not sure what you mean. To help clarify what do you think the differences are? Roon is made up of several components one of which is Roon server.

Your license is for one Roon Core to rule as many Roon Remote and Roon Bridges as you want…

The license is associated with the Roon Core component. The full Roon software includes the Core, Control and Output components. The Roon Server software contains just the Core and Output components.

You can always transfer your license from one Core to another at any time (and back again). The only restriction is that you can only have one Core operational at any one time with one license.

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You can have as many instances of either as you like as long as you are only using one as a core at a time.

Thank You very much.
I understand now.