Roon OS (Build 174) Release Notes

Bug Fixes and Improvements in Roon OS Build 174:
Fixes for some kinds of internet connectivity issues when a Roon OS device doesn’t have a stable connection to a DNS server


Please tell us more about this update - what was done specifically and why.

I have intermittent problems with connecting with Tidal and Qobuz on the NUC ROCK, while on Roon Server Windows 7 there are no such problems at all. (Network configuration is same for both comps).

There was some DNS resolving issues fixed that would stop Tidal and Qobuz connecting if a network connection was not up and running at boot time. I had this issue as my switch runs spanning tree protocol when a device is first connected this was delaying ROCKS internet access so it would not log in to Tidal or. Qobuz without restarting just the server software. This update sorted it so now on boot it will connect.

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Just interested in the details about the DNS server - what was done specifically, what is the DNS server in mind?

Glibc has bugs related to refreshing /etc/hosts and /etc/nsswitch.conf

Our previous release that was related to DNS upgraded glibc to fix the hosts issue.

This fix stopped clearing out nsswitch.conf when you didn’t have a network link.

This was all related to glibc fixes and/or workarounds. There is no DNS server in ROCK.

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