Roon OS CD ripping with Apple USB SuperDrive?


update went fine and the drive is detected and showing on the webbrowser but the Apple USB SuperDrive does not take in the CD.

Is the superdrive not supported?

Hi @stevev1,

The Apple USB SuperDrive only works with Mac devices.

Why didn’t you give this note in your announcement? This drive is famous for being the best ripp drive at reasonable cost! I’ve spend today 90€ for that device and Nucleus can’t handle it!

Will set an Alarm in my FB comunity to warn!

Well, the Apple site states quite clearly that their Superdrive only works with Mac devices, so caveat emptor I would say. Meanwhile, I’ve bought a cheap (20 euros) USB drive, and it works perfectly with my ROCK-based NUC…

Yes it is the Apple side, does it mean, every one has to read this side first?
Anyway, I will no longer rip my CDs on the internal drive! I will rip it via my Macbook book pro to my NAS and then transfer it to the internal drive because Ronn didn’t put the rip and the meta dates into the same folder!

please tell me about your constelation!

1.0.183 should support super drive… let me know…


yep it’s ripping as I type this
Thanks for this update !

Bloody fantastic news, thank you for adding this support!

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