Roon over a VPN

Anybody using Roon over a VPN ? I’m about to set this up but wondered if anybody had tried it before ? Interested in RAAT performance in particular. I appreciate Remote performance won’t be great.


I think people have tried it. If you do a Search you might find several of the threads which detailed what people have tried. Just know that, as far as I understand, Roon does not officially support VPN and that currently, the Core and all clients must be on the same subnet.

It “works” when connected via VPN to my Nighthawk router over my cable modem connection, but unless you have a high-speed symmetrical connection on the server side and low latency the rest of the way then I doubt the results will be reliable or satisfactory. I expect that a far more robust buffering and recovery capability would be required for streaming over the Internet from a typical residential broadband connection.