Roon overheating MacOS Catalina 10.15.6

As many other users, I have not even started ro get Roon to play (I have just opened it a few minutes ago and it is sitting “idle” in the background) that the fan of my MacBookPro 2019 goes thru the roof. The activity monitor credits Roon with 378,4 energy impact (next is the activity monitor itself with 1,4. Else I only have Chrome, Word and Excel open, all with energy impact well below 1) and 24,98 electrical input. I am not using wifi but ethernet. This situation however is not systematic and seems to occur randomly. Thanks for continuing fixing this issue.

It would be helpful if you described your situation a bit?
Brand new Roon install? Newly added media?

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Have you added your music locations to Settings==>Storage?

If so, how big is your music library?

Roon is probably busy analyzing your music, not sitting ‘idle’.

Roon is very heavy on MacOS even when running the Mac as remote


I’ve had a number heat related issues with my Mac Mini. Some have been Roon related but others aren’t. Apple was no help in diagnosing my non-Roon related heat issues. I recommend a resource monitor for the Mac. I use iStat and that provides me processor utilization, heat temps, voltage for various components and fan speeds. The list of metrics is quite long. Although there is a slight drain on the system for monitoring your system, I have not perceived any degradation in my music playback. Once you establish continuity in your system, it is easy to identify outlier conditions that will affect your computer the potential impact to your music enjoyment.

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Many thanks. As mentioned, the phenomenon happens sporadically:

  • Following my post earlier, I have shut down Roon and waited for while;
  • I then started Roon again: the overheating came back within a minute. I checked storage: “34993 tracks imported” (I have not added any new files for several months), no scanning activity whatsoever and just the usual “Watching for new files in real time”;
  • I then repeated several times the previous 2 steps with the same massive fan activity cum identical messages;
  • Finally I rebooted the Mac (the last one I performed was this am) and launched Roon: no overheating whatsoever, energy impact of 1 (vs 378.4 earlier) and feed of 0.97 vs 24.98 this am. Everything is a breeze.
    Again the problem is random but the best way to avoid it is a fresh restart before launching Roon: Frankly not ideal with a brand new equipment and up to date OS. In response however to the question raised and for completion, my library is about 1.8TB.

Not sure if this will fix your issue, but its certainly worth trying…

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Will do 4 sure and let you know. Thanks!

confirming the wifi gimmick works, thanks again

Hello @Francois_Jacques, my apologies for the issue here. This is an item our team is actively investigating and I’ll add your information to our internal tracking so the rest of the team is aware. Thanks for your report!

Also, can you send me a screenshot of your CPU/GPU usage when Roon does this? Thanks!

I reported CPU overheating on MacBook Pro over a year ago and followed up with multiple posts providing further information. To recap, it’s not caused by wifi or LAN activity (happens with purely local use), and when it starts, it continues until Roon is restarted but starts up again some hours later (during which time there were no music library additions). Do I understand correctly that this problem is still unresolved? FYI Apple Support advised me to stop using Roon because of heat damage risks.

I believe so… and it needs to be fixed. Toggling WiFi seems to abate it for a while. Repeatedly asking for screenshots of the Activity Monitor is just a diversion, as I think all MacOS users are affected.

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It seems to be the latest Macs that have the issues…ones with the T2 chip - but that chip maybe is not the issue, but seems to be predominantly 2018 and more recent models that are impacted the most.

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Not true, mine is an early 2015 MacBook Pro Retina

Same here Tom

The performance with Mac and iOS devices has seriously deteriorated since the last update . Not good . Never had these issues before .

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