Roon Overiew Page not showing Genres using Tidal & Qobuz

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Windows 10, 764

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Description Of Issue
First of all a big thank to the new release - It looks fresh and modern. For the inconsistencies and ample space use there will be plenty of time to get used to - or wait for a new release.

The challenge is with the new overview page: Looking at the box with the Genre circle - it remains empty, by day, by week, by month, by every selection. I am using Roon mainly to play out albums from Tidal and Qobuz. But not matter what is played (frequently) the genre circle remains empty. The top albums and other information is filled in. Any idea why this is the case? or is this by design?

Just a side comment: When playing any album, on the album page there is no reference to Genre at all. While this is obviously important in the overview page it is not on the now playing album page… Any reason for this?

Hey @Klaus-19,

It’s great to see you back after a few months! Thanks for your kind words and most of all for your unbelievable patience while we got a chance to reply.

Are you still seeing empty genres in your Overview page? Have you added any albums to your library, from TIDAL and Qobuz?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebeka,

thanks for the comeback. Don’t mind about the time I do believe there is plenty to do an/about V1.8. The recent update 778 is definately going in the right direction…

Regarding the empty overview page as far as genres are concerned - I found the reason - Import/use genres from the roon meta-database. Off - no genre on the overview page, On - genre on the overview page. So far I have used the genre information only from the file-tags which was obviously not the source for the genre overview page.

Just a small comment on the more covers and pictures switch in the general settings. If activated the screen look very busy, if not there is still some place for the artists and albums. Maybe the middle way would be good (possible third option) or the user has the option to select how many artists/albums he want to have per line on the screen.

Thanks again for your help and good luck for the next testing round and SW releases.

Hey @Klaus-19,

Thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate you being so understanding at a time like this, when our interactions are much delayed. It really makes a difference in our day - thank you! :pray:

I’m glad that you’ve got to the root of the Overview page. And thank you for your comment - just as you’ve mentioned, the subsequent builds of Roon 1.8 are fine tuning the software, so this is the best time to share what would make for even a better Roon experience. I’ve passed it on to the team :nerd_face:

Enjoy the music :musical_note: