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Roon Overview section - “New Releases For You” section. Currently it is filled with releases that in no way reflect my listening habits. e.g. a pile of classical albums and I have never listened to any classical. A number of Pink Floyd releases and I have never listened to a Floyd LP. What is driving this. Granted I’ve been on Roon for only about two weeks but I have in that time liked/added tons of stuff that would drive relevancy but I’m not seeing it in new releases. I did randomly listen to one Smithereens album and all of a sudden there are three Smithereens LP’s under “New Releases For You” but everything else not so much?

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Hi @John_Hewer,

Thanks for the feedback here! I was hoping I could get some more information so I could pass it along to the team. Would you kindly provide the following:

  1. The name of the profile that you use in Roon
  2. A screenshot of the Artists page in Roon when sorted by Most Played
  3. An updated screenshot of View All for New Releases For You
  4. A description of which picks you think are bad here, along with any picks that you think should be showing up that are not and are not already in your library.

Hi Dylan
My profile name is “John”. Re 2/3 this is is not allowing me to paste screenshots into my reply?
Suffice to say that my New Releases is full of Classical Music and Pink Floyd. Neither of which I have listen to. Not sure what you mean by "along with any picks that you think should be showing up " This has nothing to do with me. It’s a function of the algorithim taking my listening habits and generating suggestions in “New Releases For You” isn’t it?

The New releases for you needs work in my opinion. Mines constantly filled with classical, Jazz which I have some but don’t listen to that much and last week hard metal for some reason that I have never listened to or have in my collection. None of this really reflects my listening habits.

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Strange, @John_Hewer, very similar to my New Releases for You section.
Classical even though I haven’t listened to classical since being on Roon ( in fact hardly ever)
Regular Smithereens albums…
Celine Dion?
Pink Floyd - I do have one PF album in my local collection, but haven’t played any PF on Roon so far.

Doesn’t really match what I might wish to have a listen to.

Very weird. I can see if they had some selections in rock that didn’t quite match but to have a bunch of classical stuff when, as you say, I’ve never listened too it does not compute

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From what I’ve seen in other posts, it seems that the classical style “invades” the “New Releases For You” section of many users.
It happens to me, though I didn’t listen to classical music…

Thanks for the feedback, @John_Hewer. I’ll get this over to the team!

Did anything ever come of this thread? For me, 90% of Overview is nothing I will ever choose to play and I cannot find a way to delete it so I can set the focus on the artists and albums I am interested in.

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