ROON painfully slow after update with large library sizes [Roon Investigating]

Very interesting and thanks for the follow up. My Roon performance is still very slow, especially in searching in Tracks and Albums view and I have a few artists who have hundreds of albums and thousands of tracks (many, many bootlegs!). Here are specifics for my library.

1087 Artists
5555 Albums
94626 Tracks

The vast majority of that is in my local library vs. Tidal and Qobuz including the top artists listed below.

Top Artists, albums (as listed in Album view) and tracks (as listed by Performer in Tracks view)

Bruce Springsteen: 533 albums and 13,000 tracks
The E Street Band: 350 and 10,200
Bob Dylan: 235 and 5,521
Wilco: 111 and 2,778
Elvis Costello: 103 and 1,700
Ryan Adams: 78 and 1,225
Neil Young 63 and 1,030
R.E.M. 62 and 1,200
Van Morrison 57 and 1,005
The Hold Steady 57 and 1,034

Its hard to get the numbers for the total tracks per artist, but I have at least 50 or 60 Artists with over 500 tracks,

One additional thing that might be complexifying things: you notice above that “Bruce Springsteen” and “The E Street Band” are separate Artists in Roon. There is no Artist named “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band”. My file tags in those albums are all have ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST as “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band” and Roon typically translates that into two primary artists in each album, both “Bruce Springsteen” and “The E Street Band” separately. For some of the bootlegs that are not identified, it just picks up “The E Street Band” as the primary artist, and I’ve added “Bruce Springsteen” as an additional primary artist. So there is overlap in the numbers above, e.g. all of the “The E Street Band” albums and tracks are also in the “Bruce Springsteen” totals. Not sure if that complicates matters.