Roon - Pane Based Browsing / Filtering?


So I’ve been using roon for 2 or 3 years now, having switched from JRiver. It’s far superior than JRiver due to its metadata and also it’s tight integration with HQPlayer. However, I often crave a more ‘utlitarian’ interface at times. I really miss ‘this’ view from JRiver (sorry about the lack of files, JRiver only handles video playback now and I don’t use any of it’s library management).
Essentially, it’s numerous panes that allow filtering (based upon any number of arbitrary file / tag attributes) and also displays the filtered files with far more information at a glance than Roon provides.

Does something like this exist? I really miss it.

Maybe I don’t understand your request fully, but have you tried Track browser. At the right you have a configuration wheel that let you add different metadata fields.