Roon pauses at random

Running the lastest Roon 1.3, 60 day trial from Sonictransporter i5 and microrendu. Use ipad for remote. Sonictransporter i5 has a USB 3.0 minipro hard drive with 16/44, 24/96, 24/192 rips to FLAC. All play fine. When playing an album, Roon just pauses out of nowhere. Press play and the music resumes. Hope there is a fix for this. Love Roon and the current hardware.

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My guess is a wifi speed or quality of connection issue…of if you are using home plugs (ethernet over mains power) adapters. if all your connections are LAN/Wired then possibly look at issues with Jumbo frames being turned on.

You are likely to be asked to provide your setup details in much more details so get that ready…

and I will tag @support for you to grab their attention.

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Hi @Christopher_Makely ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. I have went ahead and moved your post over to the support section of community so we can start troubleshooting this behavior you are experiencing.

Based on your report, it sounds like you may be experiencing audio dropouts. Our knowledge base has good documentation on what can lead to audio dropouts and the best approach to troubleshooting them. Can you please give the article a read and tell me what you’ve tried thus far?

Furthermore, the advice given by @wizardofoz is sound (:thumbsup:). Having the complete details of your setup and network configuration will definitely help with evaluating this issue.

Looking forward to your feedback!