ROON pauses when new endpoint kicks in

Hello all, I have some issue … when my ROON is playing and a second or third endpoint starts… automatically my playing ROON is set to pause how can I adjust that? Anybody have similar issue? Thank you and Happy Eastern Regards Max

Add details of your roon setup.

My ROON Setup:
Mac mini i5 16GB 500GB with DROBO Thunderbolt Storage. Latest version of ROON server as all endpoints one endpoint is iMac 27” with ROON Bridge And MacBook Pro13” with ROON bridge a RopieeeXL on Raspberry pi3 and CambridgeAudio 851N all wired nothing wireless except my iPhone using VPN on 4G when i am outside in the park listening on Sennheiser Momentum 2 over ear storage is 45 TB where 10TB of music Flac, DSD

@Max_Mackenzie Is my assumption correct that all the endpoints are grouped into one shared zone?

If that’s the case, I think the behaviour you experience is to be expected.

Hi @Max_Mackenzie,

Are these endpoints all grouped? Are you adding a new endpoint to the group during this time?

Hi Dylan, no nothing is grouped - and it might indeed almost 100% Sure when adding, powering on another endpoint … I check it today and can confirm when adding my RopieeeXL my playing 861N goed on pause … same the otherway round

Thank you
Regards Max

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