Roon PC connecting to core then only controlling core machine

Core Machine is a Mac Pro 2010 running Mojave and Roon 1.6 Build 416

Ok what am I doing wrong? I am not a new Roon user but I have been running on my 3 Macs, all Mac Pros 2006, 2009 and a 2010 and only recently have I hooked up my gaming PC and home theater PC up and what is happening is the same on any PC but only on PC’s.

I installed Roon (not server) on each PC and it asks to connect to core and my core is on my living room Mac Pro named “Lances-Mac-Pro12” but it comes up with the name “Calculon” only on PC Roon which is the name of my gaming PC. Anyway I choose it. Then I go to setup and the only devices I see available are those connected to the core machine, same with the available zones. All I can do is remotely control the core machine.

Very different from the Mac experience where I have local devices and local control with music served by the core as well as control over what is playing on the core machine.

There must be a simple answer. Are there network tricks for using PC and Mac on same network? Please advise.

All are on hardwired gig-e with no specific work group set up for file sharing, just internet and Roon.

Audio devices are Wyred4Sound uLink USB-S/PDIF converter feeding a Kora Hermes DAC, I use that exclusively for quality sound but other devices are onboard S/PDIF and Line outs never used.

Turn off the windows firewalls to start with. Are the last devices you described on the PC’s?

Thanks for the reply!

First off disregard the name issue, I named the Mac Core Calculon for some odd reason, I changed it to something else to avoid confusion with my main gaming PC on the network with that same name. (sakes)

The Macs all talk to themselves easily but the PC’s need more setup it would seem. I turned off firewalls but I think they need more.

Hi @Lance_Farrell,

Can you describe your networking setup? What networking gear is in use and how are all of your devices connected?

Are the PCs on the same subnet as the Macs?

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