Roon PC Endpoint disappeared

Core Machine:
Dell R710, Twin Xeon X5650 CPUs and 128Gb RAM
Roon 1.8 (778)

Network Details:
Netgear Gigibit based Ehternet hardwired Network

Audio devices:
PC Endpoint
AMD High Definition Audio Device/RealTek Audio

Chord Endpoint
RaPi 4 with Ropiee and Chord Mojo

Nvidia Shield Endpoint:
NVidia Shield via Chromecast

I am new to Roon and installed the trial 12 days ago. On installation the system worked great :slight_smile:

It has not missed a beat via the RaPi, Shield or PC until I installed 1.8 (778) and the latest Windows update (they happened on the same day), since then the RaPi and Shield have been fine but the PC Endpoint just disappeared.

I though I had sorted it out via some rebooting etc but I have lost the endpoint again. Any idea how I can get Roon to recognise my PC as an endpoint again?

Hi @RidleyRumpus

This sounds like it might be a firewall issue since this happened after a Windows update. As a quick test, can you try disabling the firewall on your Windows machine? Does that result in any change?

If so, you’ll want to make sure you set exceptions for Roon and RAATServer.

Thankyou so much for that.

It would appear it was an AVG issue, seems to now work. Fingers crossed it will stay that way.