Roon pc -> LS50W produces scratchy noise (audio engineer out there?)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Window 10/ Roon 1.7 (528)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet cable to Netgear Orbi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Ethernet cable to LS50W. LS50W is active speaker and connected to an electric noise filter extension cord

Description Of Issue

Hi! Thank you so much for the support!

Well, I hear exactly same scratchy noise at exactly same point of a song. This is only the one example.

In the video, the melody G#-D-E-B-C# repeats twice. Pay attention to the last C# note. There’s scratchy, vibrating noise follows.

I can repeat this song and I hear exactly same nose at same point.

I hear this kind of scratchy/vibrating noise from most of the songs I play but the length/quality of the noise itself is different from the song to song. However, I can reproduce same noise at same song at the same point.

When I play directly from my phone’s Spotfy to the LS50W using wifi, I don’t hear this noise at all.Therefore, I suspect it’s computer/Roon/soundboard issue.

I re-installed Windows/Roon. Still exactly same (probably hardware origin then?)

Thank you again!

Hi @runrun,

It looks like the example link you sent is broken, so if you could upload it once more that would be helpful.

As for this issue, can you confirm if it occurs on any other zones, such as your PC’s System Output zone? Does it impact both local and streaming content?

Dear Noris

Thank you for a quick reply. I am always so happy with your support.

The link is here at 0:14

That’s good point!

I tried with roon-> wifi -> BlueOS flex. And I cannot reproduce.
Therefore, it’s not Roon’s problem. (not sure I should be happy or not)

I am guessing somewhere between my PC soundcard -> cable -> router -> speaker???

Now I don’t know who to ask…

I had a similar experience and unfortunately it was precursor to my ls50w’s breaking completely and needing to be returned
How far are you in to the warranty? Might be worth looking into

Oh no! That’s horrible! Hope yours were during warranty.
Mine is a half year old so it’s good! thanks for the input.

Update: I sorta resolved.

I tried;
Roon with local library album -> Parametric EQ - > wired to LS50w YES noise
Roon with Tidal version -> Parametric EQ - > wired to LS50w YES noise
Roon with local library album -> No EQ -> wired to LS50w NO
Roon with Tidal version -> No EQ -> wired to LS50w NO

Roon -> Parametric EQ - > wifi BluSound Flex NO
Roon -> Parametric EQ - > system out NO

It only happens in combo of Roon’s EQ + LS50W, whatever the version I play. The noise sounds almost like speaker cracking.

Possible because double DSP? LS50W do have DSP built-in.

Hello @runrun,

Could you share a screenshot of your EQ settings and what your Signal Path looks like with the DSP active?

Hello @runrun,

It is possible your DSP config is causing clipping in the speaker.

Try adding -4dB of headroom using the Headroom Management feature.


Hi John
That was it!! You fixed it magically. :star_struck:
Even though the signal pass light never light up red, adding headroom did fix this noise.
Amazing support, John.
Thank you so much.

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