Roon PC playback not working


I’ve got some weird behaviour when playing back on my W10 (fully updated) x64 PC that I hope someone can help me with. Roon is running on the PC fine as a server, and the front end piece is running as well. It is configured to use ‘System Output’ for playing. I have a Creative Soundblaster Z soundcard installed.

When I select a track or album, I get no sound and the player ‘skips’ through the track(s). If I play ‘Radio’ it continues skipping through tracks (i.e. not playing them but they flash up on the player window) until I close the app - pausing doesn’t work).

In Audio Settings, the volume says it is Fixed Output, but it isn’t (or I haven’t chosen this). I am able to play music fine in my other music management apps (iTunes, Media Monkey and JRMC - the latter two are using the same FLAC files as Roon, iTunes uses an MP3 library).

I have a feeling that there are a coupleof things going on here, but I’d be grateful for any pointers. Let me know if there’s any further information required.


Is “System Output” your only option, or have you other Audio device channels available (e.g. WASAPI)? If you have alternatives, try them?

Hi there

Thanks for your interest and response. Well, I have a whole host of options there! Sound Blaster WASAPI, (x2), Sound Blaster ASIO and a couple of other soundcard (gfx card and onboard audio) WASAPI options. I was concentrating on Sound Blaster, and none of them worked. But now, to check all this, I fired up Roon again (PC was restarted) and now - hey presto! - everything is working again. I know - turn it off, and turn it on again…

This has happened before though, and rebooting hasn’t resolved it. So it is the worst sort of behaviour - intermittent and non-replicable… As far as I can tell. Anyway, I will monitor and repost if/when it happens again!

thanks again