Roon performance degraded when using an HDR Display [Solved]

I spent a bunch of time researching why I was getting terrible stuttering, mouse lag, and bad FPS in Roon and since I didn’t see my solution here, I figured I’d post it for the next person.

I have 2 g-sync monitors, an Acer x34 and an Alienware AW342DW. Roon was performing perfectly on the Acer, but stuttering on the AW. After trying a bunch of manual G-Sync configurations from other support articles, I realized the only other difference was HDR on the AW. Once I disabled HDR, performance is normal on the Alienware. Hopefully this helps someone!


Interesting, I have an AW3821DW and my Roon has visual glitches when G-Sync is enabled.

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I have the same problem.
How did you solve it?

I disabled HDR, it’s in the original post.

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