Roon Performance Problems

Roon Core Machine: Roon Nucleus+
Windows 11 operating system on Dell XPS 8950 desktop

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connected home network/ASUS GT-AX11000 router/Lynksys SE3008 Ethernet Switch/Ethergen Switch/Lynksys SE4008 Ethernet Switch

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Expert Pro Amplifier /NAD M50.2 music player both with ethernet connections

Number of Tracks in Library

more than 136,000

Description of Issue

I use an i-phone 11 with the Roon app to play music on my system. For several weeks now, after less than 1/2 hour of playing music, Roon starts having problems finding songs. A song shows up on my i-phone but a bar keeps going back and forth while Roon is searching for the song. As time progresses each song takes longer to for Roon to find until ultimately Roon does not find the song. I have my Roon system on shuffle with in excess of 136,000 songs on various servers including my Roon Nucleus+. Does anyone have any idea about what could be causing this performance problem?

Hi @Greg_Johnson

Just a fellow Roon user.

Do you find tracks on the Nucleus+ are problem free compared to those on your various servers.

Various servers leads me to think your network might be quite complex. Can you go into more detail here.

Also server specs, drive types etc to help build a bigger picture for others to chime in to assist.


The tracks on the Nucleus+ & my other “servers” are the same in the sense that tacks from one or the other are not more problem free than from the other.

My “servers” consist of the Nucleus+ and a portable SanDisk 4 TB SSD plugged into the Nucleus+ via USB cord and a NAD M50.2 music player which has 2 TB or internal storage.

Occasionally in the past, Roon would have trouble and take time, to access a song. About 2 weeks ago the problems started to increase in volume. You should note that all along I was ripping more CD’s and adding more songs to my Nucleus+ server. Since the problems that Roon is having accessing my songs get worse after about 1/2 hour what does this suggest as to where the performance problem may lie?

Have you tried rebooting everything including the network ?

Roon search is now in the cloud so will take time , do you have Tidal or Qobuz ? Any search will search your Streaming Service too taking yet more time.

There are much quicker ways of getting to an individual artist

This may or may not be a clue.

When you were ripping CDs. Was this to your Roon watched folder(s)?

If yes, rip to another folder first.
Turn off background analysis in Roons settings under library.
Move or copy the files to your watched folder(s).
Turn on background analysis and wait.
This is courtesy of @Carl

This seemed to work for me. I’m wondering if your Roon machine has gotten stuck analysing like some others and myself have reported.


Thank you for your comments. Yes I was ripping CD’s to my Roon watched folder. I followed your advice. I went to “Settings” in Roon turned off the background analysis in “Library”. I then ripped a CD to another folder & then dragged & dropped it onto my Roon watched folder (on my Nucleus+ server). I then turned on background analysis & waited. Roon got hung up on analyzing.

Yesterday I tried playing songs again & ran into the same problem of Roon taking time to find songs & finally a message came up “Oh Oh something went wrong” & Roon started looking for the Roon core. Do you have any further suggestions as to how to solve this problem?

Sorry to take so long to reply & thanks for your comments. I did try rebooting everything including the network, but this did not help. I don’t use any streaming services such at Tidal or Qbuz. I listen to ripped songs from my servers. I like too put all of my ripped songs on shuffle & listen to whichever song in the shuffled list comes up next. I often add songs that I like to various play lists that I have created.

Is it the last track it gets hung on?

If so, turn off background analysis. Then back on and it should clear this. It does for some.

Your network! Are you using 2 different routers? How have you got these configured, connected?

Nucleus connected to one and endpoints to the other?


The CD that I ripped to another folder and dragged & dropped on my Roon watched folder, transferred all tracks with no problems.Where it seems to show that it is getting “hung-up” is when I go to Roon/Settings/Library/Background Analysis Speed. What appears is a revolving half circle and the words “Analyzing 97/105”. It seems to be stuck on having only been able to analyze 97 & can’t seem to go beyond that. You should note that I also ripped some other CD’s directly to my Nucleus+ storage after I followed your instructions.

Hey @Greg_Johnson,

Thanks for writing in! I’d be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you could please reproduce the performance issue and take note of the specific date and UTC time, that would be helpful.

And with that, if you’d like, we can enable diagnostics mode for your account, which will send over a set of logs from your Core device automatically, and then upload to our servers for analysis.

If you’d rather do it yourself manually, please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.

Lastly, I was able to review your account information and see that you have a total of 136,338 tracks. However, our records indicate that only 125,891 of those tracks are identified, meaning there are roughly 10,447 tracks that are most likely always trying to be analyzed and identified.

If you navigate to Settings>Library>Clean Up Library - I would like to see a screenshot of your settings when the library maintenance box is available. Do not perform a library clean up.

Let me know, thanks!

I would be pleased if you too a closer look.
I will take note of the next performance issue, date & UTC time.
Please enable diagnostics mode for my account.
Attached is a screenshot of my library settings taken this evening.


The latest Roon performance problem occurred at 4:05 UTC. My entire collection of songs was on shuffle whereby Roon randomly picked the next song to come up. I had started listening to songs at about 3:55 UTC.

At 4:05 UTC Roon could not find the song “You Can’t Put Your Arm Around A Memory” by the Hollywood Vampires. Roon kept searching for the song but to no avail. Finally at 4:14 UTC Roon skipped to the next song by David Crosby.

Hi @Greg_Johnson,

Thanks for the update. We were able to see errors relating to the SMB connection, for example:

System.Exception: failed to open location '/roon/sys/storage/smbmounts/RoonStorage_d8c04c5f08b16a3ef54be8169af8d02115bbd4d4/Music/Hollywood Vampires/
Warn: [zoneplayer] couldn't play URL /roon/sys/storage/smbmounts/RoonStorage_d8c04c5f08b16a3ef54be8169af8d02115bbd4d4/Music/Hollywood Vampires/

Are you able to setup a temporary hardwired connection to your local library, and see if the same issue occurs?

If you temporarily disable your local library and only rely on streaming, does the same issue occur?

Lastly, I’d make sure your server device is hardwired directly to your router via ethernet, bypassing any network gear in between.

Let me know how the above goes, thanks! :+1:

Hello Benjamin;

Would you please explain what you mean by your question “Are you able to setup a temporary hardwired connection to your local library, and see if the same issue occurs”? From what I can see, the problem occurred with the storage on my Roon Nucleus+ server which storage medium consists of an 8 TB Samsung SSD for storage. Everything in my music system is hardwired. I don’t use WiFi except with my Apple i-phone.

Regarding your question: “If you temporarily disable your local library and only rely on streaming, does the same issue occur?” By streaming do you mean using one of the paid for music streaming services? I currently do not use such services.

Finally my Roon Nucleus+ server is indeed directly hardwired, using an ethernet cable, to by ASUS router.

Hi @Greg_Johnson,

This answers my question - it was not clear where your local library was stored, but it sounds like you’ve imported your library to the internal music storage SSD within the Nucleus.

If you select a smaller subset of songs to shuffle, does the same issue occur?

With the screenshot you’ve included above, can you please go one step further and click ‘Clean up library’ and share a screenshot of the library maintenance screen that appears?

Our records show that you have a total of 136,475 tracks, with only 126,011 tracks properly identified. This tells us you have roughly 10k tracks that are unidentified, to which Roon is likely trying to re-analyze and identify.

As another test, I would head into your watched folders settings and disable one location at a time, and see if you continue to run into performance issues. This could tell us if the issue is tied to a particular watched folder location vs your library as a whole.

[quote=“Greg_Johnson, post:4, topic:254627”]

Hello Benjamin;

My library is on several “servers” connected primarily by ethernet cable to my home network. The “servers” consist of the Nucleus+ with an 8 TB SSD and a portable SanDisk 4 TB SSD plugged into the Nucleus+ via USB cord and a NAD M50.2 music player which has 2 TB of internal storage.

The Roon Community previously suggested that my Roon performance problems might be caused by my having multiple servers on my home network. Their suggestion was to try having just one server. I therefore purchased an 8 TB Samsung SSD and added it to my Nucleus+, intending to use that storage medium as my one server. However, my previous attempts to migrate all of my songs to just one server, namely the Nucleus+ 8 TB Samsung SSD were unsuccessful despite suggestions on how to do so by the Roon Community. One suggestion to drag & drop smaller numbers of songs was unsatisfactory to me and was not pursued because of the amount of time that it would take to copy my large library that way. So I just began ripping the newer CD’s acquired, after I installed the Samung 8 TB SSD into the Nucleus+, into that server and left the older songs on the preexisting servers. However, the fact that my latest performance problem, as documented in the recent information that I sent to you, has occurred with a song stored on my Nucleus+ server, in that it was taking too long to to retrieve a song, suggests that there is a performance problem with that one server or the Roon software. Would having the other servers on my home network be causing the performance problem with the Nucleus+ server? What do you think?

Finally, when Roon plays certain songs, no music is forthcoming from my speakers for a few seconds at the beginning after the song begins playing. The number of seconds delay varies from song to song. Any suggestions about this?

Hello again Benjamin;

When I get the chance, I will select a smaller subset of songs to shuffle, to see if the same issue occurs.

Attached is a screenshot of the library maintenance screen that comes up when I go one step further and click ‘Clean up library’ in Roon settings. I take it that your recommendation is to clean up my library to see if that solves the performance problems?

Finally I will go to “watched folders” in my Roon settings & disable one server location at a time to see if the performance problems continue.

Hey @Greg_Johnson,

Thanks for the above info.

No, do not perform a library cleanup before creating a fresh backup to save your current settings and library.

After creating a backup, you can perform a library cleanup. Are you able to speak on the 717k files that are not associated with a storage location? That’s quite a high track count, and could certainly be causing performance issues.

Let me know, thanks!

Hello Benjamin;

In reply to your email, I have been having trouble with my portable hard drives that I have been using for backup. For some reason, they are no longer being recognized by my desk top computer and I have received no workable solution from the manufacturer. I have therefore ordered and am awaiting delivery of some new ones from another manufacturer. Once I have them I will back up my library.

I am not able to speak on the 717k files not located with a storage location.

In the mean time I have been trying to duplicate the song finding problem by listening to a smaller subset of my 136,000+ song library - namely a blues playlist of some 454 songs. At 2:24 UTC pm November 11, 2023 Roon suddenly quit playing in the middle of a song and the message came up “waiting on Roon Server, Uh Oh somethings not right. Make sure your Roon Server is turned on etc…” Then a half circle with moving vertical bars came up with the message “Searching For Roon Server” & it has been looking ever since. I rebooted my computer and Roon but this did not help.

Hi @Greg_Johnson,

We’ll need a set of manual logs for review. Please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader. Thanks!