Roon periodically rebooting


Recently Roon has been disconnecting frequently. I’ve setup a new Roon endpoint in a guest quarters using the KEF wireless speakers. The LS50W was found and setup easily and is now recognized as an audio zone.

When the problem appears the music just stops and Roon displays a message that the core has disconnected… attempting to reconnect (or something to that effect) Eventually it will reconnect and I can resume playback. I’ve experienced this a few times in the past with my main system but it has been rare lately.

Before I got the LS50W I had a Bluesound node streaming in the same room (also WiFi) with absolutely no issue. The LS50W was also working fine for about a week but just recently started misbehaving.

When the problems first started I checked the firmware and discovered I needed to update the WiFi firmware on the KEF. I did that…but since the update I have experienced a Roon disconnect/reboot yet again.

Hi Randy,

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Hi @Randy_Hatcher1,

Can you provide some more information here?

  1. What kind of Core are you using? Can you let me know the model/manufacturer and specs?

  2. How is your network configured? What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear?

  3. How are the LS50s and Core connected to the network? If you are using them on WiFi, is there any change in behavior if you connect them via Ethernet to the primary router?

The core is a Roon Nucleus. The modem is an Arris. The router is an Apple Time Capsule. The Nucleus is connect to the network via ethernet. The LS50w is connected via WiFi. I am unable to connect the LS50W to the network via ethernet cable. The Bluesound streamer I was using previously was also connected via WiFi and did not experience these connection losses.

Hi @Randy_Hatcher1,

Thanks for providing that additional info. When this issue occurs, can you confirm if the Nucleus Web UI is still accessible? Does this behavior occur for multiple Roon Remotes at the same time?

It sounds like your Roon Remote might be losing connection to the Core, I don’t believe that the LS50Ws are very related to this issue.

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