Roon periphery (not core) on and off not working [Resolved]


Some day it works, some day not. It’s like the meteorological forecast, really annoying I must say, sorry:

All versions of Roon build 208. Also the iOS app is the latest version.

I have Core (server) on my Mac desktop, and Roon control on three places:

(1) on the same machine as the core, (working)
(2) on a Mac laptop, connected by WiFi (not working)
(3) on an iPad, connected by WiFi. (not working)

Two days ago control from remote devices worked well, today it is neither working from iPad nor from laptop. Roon control seems to connect, sees the albums etc, but always signals to manage audio devices. No switching the device button (it’s shown correctly there) off and on again helps.

HOWEVER, audio devices are set up correctly on the desktop and they also work when controlled from Roon control on the same machine as core.

This disturbs my Roon experience profoundly, sorry.

To add information about my setup:

OS10.11.6 on desktop and laptop Macs.
Firewall on core-Mac: open for all Roon related applications.
Problem exists with wireless and with wired connection to the LAN.

I can see the latest additions to my library (so there is some kind of communication between remote ad core) but Audio Devices don’t work from remote.

I can change the name of the zone from the remote and it will appear on the local Roon control. Still, manage audio devices on the remote (e.g. iPad) is not possible.

Private zone had to be unchecked.