Roon permanently loses connection to core

Roon Core Machine

Core Synology DS1019+

MBP 14 " 2021, 8C, 16 GB
12.3 (21E230)

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon permanently loses connection to core, when getting a connection: “error loading saved page”, when playing hitting pause doesn’t work, have to relaunch Roon to stop music

Just a user here, but that Synology NAS system is under the minimum specifications for a Roon core, which typically requires an i3 or higher processor:

That said, was your Core working at one point and it does not work now? Are you using only WiFi for connecting the NAS and your MBP client? Roon has significant demands on network connections, and depending on the strength of your WiFi connection and the router between the devices, a weak signal may result in intermittent dropouts or lost connections.

It worked flawless before. I suspect a WiFi problem though the signal is strong.

I agree, WiFi is where I would start to look next.

Using an USB-C ethernet adapter it works again.

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So looks like it is solved with a wired connection. Will you be troubleshooting the WiFi connection or leave it on cabled Ethernet?

I’ll leave it on cabled ethernet.

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