Roon "picks" only a couple of tracks. Why

Newbie here. Downloaded the new version 1.8. Suddenly, when I call for an album, the listing shows only one or two tracks. I can’t play an album through from 1st to last track. I have looked for every possible setting to undo this behavior but I’m stumped. Can anyone advise what I’ve done wrong? Thanks

Post a screen shot of what you are seeing. Of course you can play full albums straight through.
The play controls are fully configurable as you like them.

Hey @John_Breitner,

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I am so sorry this post comes 8 days too late :pleading_face:. We’ve been receiving an unprecedented number of requests and we’ve fallen short in replying as we’d like.

If you’re still facing this issue, could you please share more details of the behavior you’re experiencing? Can you give us an example?

I hope we get to hear back from you :nerd_face: